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Radius Group Inc. We design / build within a very tailored market. The Entertainment and live event TV / Industry servicing small, medium, large and mega sized events around the world; including numerous Fortune 50 to Fortune 1,000 corporate companies.


We  take on projects, such as corporate events, general sessions, concerts, music videos, touring, product launches, tours & reveals, music festivals, TV, film, trade shows, conventions, exhibits, theater, broad way, arena & coliseum events, large footprint mega-tent structures.


We start with the concept design phase to visualize our clients vision.  We begin with site surveys, design meetings and then followed by drafting CAD construction 3D drawings, models, renderings and presentations.  Our designs consider crowd flow and capacity studies.  






















Radius Group has a mandatory standard of following all city, state, and federal fire marshal and local codes before we begin the submittal processes. Once approved by all effected agencies we begin our pre-production coordination work. This consists of revised drawings, meetings, vendor selection, design review processes, ensuring our clients vision becomes reality.


On event site -  we mange the installation, construction/build of stages, truss structures, video screens, scenic elements, audio systems, video playback / record system, moving stages and lighting systems.


Radius Group ensures all logistics support (materials, vehicles, trailers, equipment) are delivered at correct time and correct place.  We provide equipment vendor / sub-contractor management, labor management, local crew & independant contractor management, vendor/ equipment management.

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#eventprofs #eventarchitects #eventdesigners #events